About Forest

Forest is the easier, safer way to invest.

Okay, I watched the video. Now give me the details.

It's simple. When you sign up, you'll find three sections.

The first is "Learn," where you can begin to learn the ropes of investing principles and terminology. We all start somewhere, and Forest is specifically designed with beginners in mind.

Next, you will find the "Play" section, where you can try out everything you learned without using any real money. You start out with an empty Forest. There you can plant Trees, which are comprised of groups of stocks you select. At any time, you can harvest from the Tree by selling some or all of the stocks within it, or cut the Tree down, which sells out all the stocks that comprise it.

When you're comfortable with investing and ready to try it out with some real money, you will find the "Invest" section, which looks and feels just like the Play Forest. This section is still being worked on, but that shouldn't stop you from getting started in your Play Forest..

That's all there is to it. Sign up today and try it out for free!


What fees should I expect?

It's 100% free to play with Forest. Once Forest lets users trade real stocks, Forest will charge an incredibly low $3.49 brokerage fee per transaction.

How often is each tree's value calculated?

We currently calculate the new value every 15 minutes.

What information do you collect from me?

Right now, we only collect your email address so that you can create an account. We also log usage data (i.e. Google Analytics).

Leadership Team

Matt Canning
Jim Keller
Financial Advisory Board
Michael Feeley
Asfand Chughtai
General Counsel
Frank Taney
IP Counsel
Clark Jablon (Panitch Schwarze Belisario & Nadel LLP)